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Active Guilds

Guild defines a current career of a player inside StickMUD. Each Guild provides a set of abilities, or skills for the player to use to fight monsters or other players. Most of the Guilds also have a set of non-combat abilities, which might give players the possibility to craft different kinds of traps, bombs, wands, potions, poisons and scrolls. StickMUD has 8 active guilds at the moment.

At the moment, you must be player level 5 to join any guild.


Bards are a nomadic bunch always looking for adventure and treasure either by themselves or in a party. They love to entertain through song and dance and recognize their bardic songs can have profound effects on those that listen to them. When performances are not enough, Bards can also incorporate magic into their music to produce spectacular effects. Bards make great allies, but beware, even an innocent song from a Bard can rip you to shreds.

Location: A campsite that moves to different forests around Tristeza. Easiest to find another bard.

To join: Find the master bard, Corlianaer, and ask him about bards.


Fighters are brutal, blunt killers. They train skills of bashing, smashing, crashing, lashing and whatever other fighting things you can think of. Most Fighters are *huge* Trolls and Half-Orcs and very tough to kill. Be careful if your enemy is a fighter, they can toss a net over you at anytime which will hold you until you die!

Location: The East Forest, to the northeast of Tristeza.

To join: Become a visitor of the guild, seek out the Guild Veteran and see if he'll allow you to join.


Healers are the newest guild in StickMUD. Healers heal - and heal some more. Healers do not join in the common squabbles of players nor heal those who have blood on their hands. Healers can be very useful friends, while having one as an enemy when you may need him can be very unfortunate.

Location: In the forest to the east and south of Tristeza.

To join: Become a visitor of the guild and check out the office for further instructions.


Mages advance their powers by gaining player levels and to this date are the only guild left that has not yet aquired trainable skills. They practice the ancient arts of illusion and sorcery. Early in a Mage's life is not easy. The first few levels are difficult to attain, but after one has lorded (level 25) and a Mage has aquired most of his or her attack spells playing becomes easier. A Mage makes a feared enemy if one knows what they are doing.

Location: Only those who can see the magical light from the spring to the south of Tristeza can find the Tower of these Northern folk (from the north, but they live in the south?).

To join: Seek out the Guild Secretary and see if she'll allow you to join.


Necromancers are a mysterious bunch who make a living controlling the dead! They harness the powers of the Netherworld to make some players sorry they were ever born. Like Mages, Necromancers have several ways to kill, even psionic abilities. If one doesn't have the advantage of surprise, a Necromancers is almost impossible to bring down.

Location: A cave hidden to the west and south of the clearing, west of Tristeza.

To join: Find the Guild Registrar and see if he'll allow you to join the guild.


Ninjas must constantly train their attack skills to be successful in this dangerous world. Ninjas train all types of weapons as well as their main attack skill, deadly kicks! Dodging is also trained. Ninjas do well from low to high levels, but level means little. A Ninja must train as though his or her life depended upon it, because it does! A highly skilled Ninja who has trained his weapons has a chance to behead or crack the skull of his opponent. Every Ninja has the soul of an assassin buried deep within his heart making many of his fights fatal.

Location: The guild is hidden in a mountain valley in Asahi.

To join: See if Sensei Tong-Wo will allow you to join and teach you the ways of the ninja.


The Priests of Boccob worship their deity, Boccob, very faithfully, following closely the examples of his two sons, evil Caine and kind Seth. Priests can heal wounds, diseases and the soul. Boccob protects his children very closely with powerful shield prayers and paralyzing spells. Sometimes you could just swear you see a guardian angel following some of Boccob's faithful. A high priest is virtually indestructible.

Location: East Main Street, north of the Sauna, Tristeza.

To join: Goto the registration room of the guild and see which deity will take you as a follower.


Thieves train skills of sneaking, stabbing and weapon throwing. A Thief can also steal just about anything not tied down from other players pockets, homes and inventory. Thieves are all evil, following the ways of their deity, Skert. Many Thieves are also skilled brewers of deadly poison, made from rare ingredients gathered from across the realm.

Location: Faraway Mountains, in the distant northeast of Tristeza.

To join: Find the guild and try to join.