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The page contains latest, notable announcements. But to get a full picture what is going on in game, log in and check the Adventurer's Guild board. Sometimes we also post on StickMUD Facebook group.

Latest announcements

  • 03 March 2012: Stuffness, booze consumption and other drinking rates and recovery has been fixed.
  • 23 January 2012: Thieves have been converted to the new guild system. This was the last of the guilds to convert. Now everyone is using the same system!

Older announcements

  • --Excalibur 17 January 2011: Session can now show training achieved during a session.
  • --Fafnir 16:01, 7 January 2011 (UTC): We got our old address back. will also now work.
  • Macleod returns to code
  • Priests have been converted to new guild system
  • Bags got their capacity upgraded
  • Scrolls have been converted to use a new, global command
  • Bunch of new areas installed
  • Fighters, Ninjas, Necromancers and Mages converted to the new guild system
  • A New guild installed, bards